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David getting some Air.

Bay Area.

After the lust.

Rainbow in my backyard.

At farm burger.

Fisherman village of Popotla B.C. Mexico.

Fisherman village of Popotla B.C. Mexico

Fisherman village of Popotla B.C. Mexico

Rainy Berkeley day.

Oakland Swapmeet.

New book from Clickapress

Monte Alban Oaxaca.

The only way to watch a Baseball game. Big screen TV, champagne, reuben sandwich.

New work space.

The clash.

Old work horse. Nikon F5

First shot with My Lieca M8

Waiting for the surf.

Arnold Newman at the Jewish Museum, San Francisco

Downtown Havana Cuba cab. October 2013

Tijuana and Viagra

Blessing the Leica M6 for better photos.

Thinking on what should be my next camera.

The right to speak out.



S&M Barbie

Berkeley from the Golden Gate bridge.

Fito Paez en Ensenada B.C. Mexico

Pescador de Popotla trabajando el pescado.

Black Magic 2.5k Ready to film.

Went back home to Rosarito.

Downtown Tijuana commuters.

Fisherman village Popotla B.C. Mexico