What is photography?

The process of forming and fixing an image of an object or objects by the chemical action of light and other forms of radiant energy on photosensitive surfaces. The art or business of producing and printing photographs

any method of producing an image by using the action of light to change a chemical layer.

Writing with light.

A technique of capturing optical images on film

The art or process of producing images by the action of light on surfaces sensitized by chemical processes.

In general terms, a medium-technique like oil paint or pastel. Photography is the art of using and manipulating the camera and film to produce unique images of reality or formal abstractions. The subject and the stylistic or aesthetic intentions of the photographer will determine the "type" of photography.

Interesse nello scambio o nella realizzazione di foto, diapositive o video di nudo o di attività sessuali esplicite; interesse nell’ incontrare altri per realizzare queste immagini.


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